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Whose House Words are 'Here We Stand'?
What is the first place that Aegon VI and Jon Connington attack in Westeros?
Edric, Arthur, Ashara, and Allyria have all been members of House ____.
Who commands Jaime's escort from Harrenhal to King's Landing?
The wives of dead Khals are known as the ____ _____.
How many pov characters show us the Battle of the Blackwater?
Whose horse is named Stranger?
Which Aegon was known as 'The Unworthy'?
In AFfC, what Myrish woman feeds information to both Cersei and Margaery?
Who is the captain of Silence?
Which Frey accompanies Jaime and Brienne in ASoS until his death?
What ancient House gave rise to 'cadet branches' Tyrell, Florest, and Oakheart?
What word does Hoster Tully repeat on his deathbed?
Jaime tells Loras about 'The Kingmaker.' What was his real name?
Who is the first member of the Brotherhood that Arya sees/hears?
In ADwD, Wick Wittlestick was the first person to stab _____.
When Tyrion gets rid of Janos Slynt, he puts ____ Bywater in charge of the City Watch.
Who is the Archmaester that Sam is taken to at the end of AFfC?
What singer gets blamed for Lysa Tully's death?
What southern lord of the Dornish Marches is a follower of R'hllor?
Whose House Words are 'None So Fierce'?
Who is the eldest Sand Snake?
What new 'brother' does Jon Snow behead in ADwD?
Who is standing vigil over Tywin's corpse in the sept?
Who is Cersei's second choice for Hand after Tywin's death?
What is the seat of House Connington?
Tom o' Sevens is from where?
How many courses are served at the wedding of Joffrey and Margaery?
Who came to dominate Westeros after the children of the forest?
Who is the captain of Iron Victory?
What warg is also accompanied by three wolves, a bear, and a shadowcat?
Ramsay Bolton's dogs are known as The ___.
Which of Ned's guards does Arya run into at the Inn of the Kneeling Man?
What is the name of Penny's brother?
What legendary heroine brought her people from Essos to Dorne?
What is the name of Val's lover who falls from the Wall in ASoS?
Who supposedly has Freys cooked up into 'Frey pies'?
Where does Arya catch her ship across the Narrow Sea?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find the Grey Hills, Lonely Hills, and the Rills?
In ASoS, what singer threatens to reveal Tyrion's affair with Shae to Cersei?
Who was Willas' opponent in the joust that crippled him?
What is the surname for bastard children from the Reach?
How do you say, 'All men must serve' in High Valyrian?
Whose pov chapters are called 'The Kraken's Daughter,' 'The King's Prize,' and 'The Sacrifice'?
In AFfC, Cersei obsesses over the 'Volanqar.' What does it mean?
Who does Jon want to become the Night's Watch's new maester?
In ACoK, Varys confides to Tyrion that ___ is the most hated of all the royalty.
Who gets Riverrun to surrender to the Lannisters and Freys in AFfC?
Who is knighted by Beric Dondarrion, thus becoming Ser ___ of Hollow Hill?
Which Stark refuses to cut his/her hair until Catelyn returns?
Whose pov chapters are called 'The Captain of the Guards' and 'The Watcher'?
As of the end of ADwD, who is the only man with only one pov chapter?
Whose House Words are 'Our Blades Are Sharp'?
What is the surname for bastard children from the Vale?
Who teaches Arya braavosi?
What was the name of Jorah's wife?
Which god is worshipped in the House of Black & White?
Who is Master or Ships in Tommen's (Cersei's) first small council?
In ADwD we learn that Varys substituted a peasant baby for ____ during the Sack of King's Landing.
What infamous battle did Jon Connington lose?
What king had the nickname 'Egg' as a child?
What is the surname for bastard children from the Westerlands?
Who tortures Osney Kettleblack to get information about Cersei?
Which of Robert's bastard daughters comes in contact with Sansa in the Vale?
Whose pov chapters are called 'The Discarded Knight,' 'The Kingbreaker,' 'The Queen's Hand'?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Blackhaven, Shipbreaker Bay, and Greenstone?
Who kills Arys Oakheart in AFfC?
The islands that now sit along the Broken Arm of Dorne are called the ___stones.
Which Aegon was known as 'The Conqueror'?
What was the name of Tywin Lannister's father?
Who is the first of the dragons to try new things?
The Rhoynar derived their name from a large ____ in Essos.
Who trained Robb, Theon, and Jon at arms at Winterfell?
What is the name of the poison Cressen tries to use on Melisandre?
Sam finds out that the baby Gilly is breastfeeding is really ___'s child.
In ACoK, Dany tells Xaro that she will sell her dragons for one-third of the worlds ___.
Who gives Jon Snow one of his sons as a 'ward' when the wildlings cross?
Along with several children, who kills Kevan Lannister?
What sellsword tries to buy Tyrion and Penny when they are up for auction in ADwD?
Who is the bride of the Red Wedding?
How many kings are pov characters in the series?
Which Targaryen ruled Westeros the longest?
Who was conceived on the day that a red comet appeared 16 years ago?
Who is the Warden of the North as of ADwD?
In AFfC, whom does Cersei plan to send to kill Jon Snow?
Whom do the Antler Men support in the War of the Five Kings?
What 'Rebellion' plagued House Targaryen for over a hundred years?
What masked woman gives prophetic warnings to Dany?
Which sellsword company does Brown Ben Plumm command?
The character called Reek in ADwD is really ____.
Who is killed by the Other that Sam ultimately kills?
Who is the only woman to speak at the kingsmoot?
In his youth, whom did Barristan Selmy love?
What is the westernmost location in the known world?
How do you say, 'All men must die' in High Valyrian?
Which of the 'New Gods' is neither male nor female?
Who kills Orell?
Who is there to stop Arianne's plot in AFfC?
What great continent lies to the south of Essos?
Besides wildfire, one of Tyrion's plans for the Battle of the Blackwater is for smiths to construct a huge ____.
Whom do the Lords Declarant try to replace?
After Arys dies, Balon Swann is sent to Dorne to protect _____.
What 'sea' lies in the south of Westeros between Storm's End and Yronwood?
The ruler of the Iron Islands sits on the ____ Chair.
Two men from House _____ serve as Hand of the King--one under Aerys and one under Tommen.
In ADwD which character goes by the names No-Nose, Yollo, and Hugor Hill?
The death of ___'s father and brother occurred just before Robert's Rebellion.
Whose pov chapters are called 'The Merchant's Man,' 'The Windblown' and 'The Dragontamer'?
What is the largest city in the Kingdom of the North?
In ADwD, ___ is a slave overseer for Yezzan who purchases Tyrion and Penny.
Who won the melee at the Hand's Tourney in AGoT?
What is the surname for bastard children from the Crownlands?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Saltshore, Sandstone, and Starfall?
Which ancient fortress was used in battles between the First Men and Children?
Who captained a ship called Golden Storm?
Who founded the Golden Company?
What mean-spirited nickname does Jaime call Brienne repeatedly?
Whose only chapter is called 'The Soiled Knight'?
Whose only chapter is called 'The Princess in the Tower'?
Who knights Gendry?
Ser Lothor Brune is in the service of which House?
Which acolyte from the AFfC prologue is a great archer?
When recovering from the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion dreams that he has no ___.
How many brothers did Tywin Lannister have?
Which sellsword company does the Tattered Prince command?
Before the Battle of the Blackwater how many sons does Davos Seaworth have?
Which Lannister is responsible for 'arming' the Faith of the Seven in AFfC?
The Gates of the Moon guard the road to ___.
Who is known as The King Who Knelt?
What was Aegon the Conqueror's dragon?
Who was the most important person imprisoned in the Defiance of Duskendale?
After seeing how she was abused at Harrenhal, Jaime takes ___ as a washer woman.
In ADwD Tyrion finds himself about what boat with Griff and Young Griff?
What two things does Jorah that dragons need in order to grow to immense sizes?
Who is the singer Cersei accuses of sleeping with Margaery?
What does the Tattered Prince request of Quentyn when Quentyn asks for help?
What Karstark girl comes to the Wall in ADwD?
Whose head is sown onto an animal after the Red Wedding?
What city, full of canals, in Essos was founded by ex-slaves?
Tyrion and Jaime have said that _____ Lannister was their favorite uncle.
What is the seat of House Dondarrion?
What ship takes Arya to Braavos?
Who volunteers in AFfC to Cersei to take Dragonstone?
As of the beginning of AFfC, which character is Brienne searching for?
Gerris and Archibald are ____'s only remaining companions at the start of ADwD.
Whose House Words are 'Growing Strong'?
Which House has a turtle on its sigil?
What is the real name of the Three-Eyed Crow?
The adversary of the Drowned God is the ___ God.
In ADwD, who comes across Jorah in a brothel in Volantis?
In ACoK who chooses a bloody spear when inventing his own House sigil?
What affliction is slowing killing Jon Connington?
Who is the heir to Highgarden?
Who is ultimately behind the AGoT attempt to kill Bran in his sleep?
Who was involved in a skuffle in King's Landing that cost a gambler his life?
A white raven signifies the changing of a ____.
What is going to be the name of the sixth book of the series?
Who is described as the boy who never lost a battle, but lost all?
Which Brave Companion is from Qohor?
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find the Gods Eye, Acorn Hall, and Oldstones?
The Queen of Thorns was born into which House?
To what 'House' does Arya go when she reaches Braavos?
Whose House Words are 'We Light the Way'?
Who was Tywin Lannister's wife?
Who was Aegon the Conqueror's older sister?
Whom does Cersei have paranoid thoughts about during her first ever pov chapter?
When Jaime receives Cersei's begging letter at the end of AFfC he tells the maester to put it in the ___.
By the end of ADwD we learn that Varys truly supports which House?
Which book has the most chapters?
Who was the father of Robert, Stannis, and Renly?
In ASoS, who kills the giant Mag the Mighty?
Which pov character (only in ADwD) served as Hand to the Mad King?
In AFfC, Petyr makes it clear he plans to wed Sansa to ____.
The real name of the Footmen is ____ _____.
Arya throws many objects into the river but she refuses to throw ____.
Nestor, Albar, and Bronze Yohn are all members of House ____.
Who kills Jinglebell?
Whose House Words are 'Our Roots Go Deep'?
Which Aegon was known as 'The Unlikely'?
Who is the first character to use the phrase 'game of thrones' in dialogue?
What khal comes upon Dany at the end of ADwD?
Whose House Words are 'We Guard the Way'?
Who is the first person that Arya has Jaqen kill in ACoK?
Whose horse is named Smiler?
When fleeing Riverrun, Jaime and Brienne are hunted down by ____ Ryger in ASoS.
Which gods did the Andals bring to Westeros?
What beloved king (born 150 years ago) imprisoned his three sisters?
From what region in Essos were the 'Andals' from?
In ASoS, who does Davos decide that he wants to kill?
Who killed herself after her brother Arthur died?
What is the sword of House Dayne?
The small men from the swamps of the Neck are known as ____.
In which of the Free Cities would you find the Black Wall?
When Jon Snow meets Mance, where does Mance say he has seen Jon before?
Bronn marries into which House?
Early in ADwD, Tyrion tells Illyrio that in his youth he wanted to be the ____ ____.
As children, Ned and Robert were wards of whom?
In ASoS, Margaery and Olenna offer to wed Sansa to whom?
___ was the one who originally had the idea for Jaime to join the Kingsguard.
Tristifer Botley proposes to marry ____ in that her first pov chapter.
in which of the Seven Kingdom would you find Crakehall, Silverhill, and Ashemark?
In ADwD, what nickname do Victarion's men give Moqorro?
Whose House Words are 'As High As Honor'?
Who was the captain of Black Wind?
Which character has a noose around his neck almost every day in AFfC?
Who was the mother of Aegon VI and Rhaenys Targaryen?
Who is Asha's occasional lover?
Who is the only character to be a pov character in every book?
In a minor battle in ACoK, what does Hot Pie scream after Arya screams 'Winterfell'?
Based on clues in ADwD, where is Rickon?
Who kills a man with a coin in ADwD?
In AFfC Margaery gives Tommen three ___.
What Free City is known for its pleasure houses?
Who 'saved' Gendry by sending him into the Night's Watch?
What is the seat of House Glover?
Who is the mother to the four youngest Sand Snakes?
Bastard children with the surname Storm are from which of the Seven Kingdoms?
Which book has the most pages?
Who is the singer that goes with Aemon, Gilly, and Sam?
What song is Mance Rayder singing when Jon Snow meets him?
Who knighted Jaime Lannister?
Duncan the Small had a relationship with ____ of Oldstones.
Which Stark is learning how to be an assassin in Braavos?
As of the end of ADwD who is Hand of the King?
What group does Tyrion join at the end of ADwD?
In ACoK, whom does Cersei have captive as a threat to Tyrion?
What animal is Gendry referred to as before Arya learns his name?
Which sellsword company is hired by Aegon VI and Jon Connington?
What poisoned treats does Hizdahr try to get Dany to eat in ADwD?
The Clegane sigil has three ___ on it.
To what House does Bronze Yohn belong?
Tyrion 'translates' the name of the ship Selaesori Qhoran into ____ _____.
Before being exiled for siding with Stannis, what was the seat of House Florent?
After Balon dies, Aeron Greyjoy suggests that the ironborn hold a _____ to determine their king.
What is the nickname of Gerold Dayne?
Who comes to Jaime at the end of his one and only chapter in ADwD?
Homeless' Harry Strickland is the commander of what sellsword company?
At the beginning of the series, before his death, who was Warden of the East?
At the beginning of the series, who is Warden of the West?
In ACoK Xaro tells Dany that she should ___ in front of the Pureborn.
Who is the heir to Dorne?
Who is the only human Bran has warged into?
Who is Emmon Frey's wife?
Who becomes Dany's second husband in ADwD?
Who was Ned Stark's father?
As of the end of ADwD, who holds the position of Master of Laws and Justiciar?
In what battle does Tyrion fight in AGoT 'alongside' his father?
Who commands Dany's Unsullied?
The ship that rescues Davos after the Battle of the Blackwater is allied with __.
Which Lannister character abandons his title as Lord of Darry to pledge himself to the Faith?
In ADwD, to everyone's surprise, Drogo reappears in ____ ____ in Meereen.
In ADwD Tyrion finds himself aboard what ship with Jorah
Near the end of a ADwD who must make a 'walk of shame'?
In ACoK, Jorah tells Dany that in Qarth for ___ to ask each other for one gift that then must be granted.
Aegon VI and Jon Connington dye their hair what color?
What is the seat of House Dayne?
Who is the pov character in ASoS's prologue?
Before his death, Aemon says ___ is the 'prince who was promised.'
Which Greyjoy is known as 'The Prophet' and 'Damphair'?
Who is Dany's nephew (whom she doesn't know exists)?
What is the seat of House Reed?
Who won the archery competition at the Hand's Tourney in AGoT?
What is the true identity of the 'Arya Stark' presented to the Boltons?
What 'occupation' did Illyrio Mopatis have in his youth?
What Bay sits just beside Storm's End?
In ASoS, who kills Donal Noye?
As of the end of AFfC who is the lord of Riverrun?
What is the seat of House Manderly?
Obara, Nymeria, Tyene, Ellaria, and Daemon all have the surname _____.
Who is Warden of the South through all five books?
Which Greyjoy takes Moat Cailin during Balon's second rebellion?
Whose House Words are 'Honor, Not Honors'?
Where did Illyrio and Varys meet?
What is the name of Davos Seaworth's ship?
What is the seat of House Redwyne?
After Ned's death, who is the only living witness to the events at the Tower of Joy?
What red priest does Victarion pick up on the way to Meereen?
Who escapes from Riverrun after they surrender in AFfC?
Who dresses in Renly's armor during the Battle of the Blackwater?
What is the courtier at King's Landing from the Summer Isles?
What is the symbol of the Ghiscari Empire and their descendents?
As of ADwD, which Sand Snake is going to King's Landing to advise the Small Council?
Who commands the Brazen Beasts?
In what 'Age' did many of the great Houses emerge?
In ADwD, whom does Jon send to meet up with Tormund Giantsbane?
Under Tommen, who served as both Hand of the King and Master of Coin?
Whose House Words are 'Come Try Me'?
What are Oberyn's eight illegitimate daughters collectively known as?
The hairy men from what large island north of Essos are known for whaling?
Who was the Mad King's last Hand?
In AFfC who replaces Varys in the position of Master of Whispers?
What is the easternmost of the Free Cities?
Who 'rescued' King Aerys II during the Defiance of Duskendale?
What is the 'password' Quentyn must utter to enter the Purple Locust when he meets the Tattered Prince?
What is going to be the name of the seventh book of the series?
Which powerful wildling that Jon meets has no ears?
Who was Aegon the Conqueror's younger sister?
Who is the pov character in ADwD's prologue?
Who is the pov character in AFfC's prologue?
In AFfC who plots to crown Myrcella as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms?

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