Chapter 4

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I pay
She uses
We speak
You take notes
He works
We study
I look for
They dance
She teaches
You buy
You make good grades
I pay attention
She wears
He looks at
I sing
They need
He listens
We make bad grades
You give
I arrive
She is bored
What time is it?
Where is Jose?
He is from Georgia
They are beautiful (fem)
I'm going to school
You're going to the park
She is going to buy...
We are going to work...
They are going to give...
You are going to pay.
I am going to listen
to arrive on foot
to arrive by car
to arrive by bus
exactly, on the dot
also, too
some, some people, some things
about, around, approximately
to enter
I am tired
I'm not going to go
They are going to arrive
We are going to be
We are going to be
I'm going to the airport
You're going to the bank
He's going to the library
We're going to the pharmacy
They're going to the stadium
I'm going to the city
You're going to the museum
He's going to the store
We're going to the park
They're going to the factory
to study
to teach
to listen
To where?
to prepar
IS... He is sick
ARE... They are mad
AM... I am young
Who all?
It is 2:30 PM
At 9:00 AM

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