Chapter 10B

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She heard
They included
I translated
She introduced
They worked
I learned
We lived
You paid
You ate
You wrote
TENER (yo)
ESTAR (tu)
ANDAR (ella)
PODER (yo)
PONER (nosotros)
SABER (ellos)
CABER (it)
QUERER (Liliana)
HACER (Liliana)
VENIR (Liliana)
I gave
I gave the book
I gave you the book
I gave it to you
I told my friends...
They told Luis
We told Liliana
Luis told Liliana
I saw her
They gave a movie
They gave me a movie
They gave it to me
I wrote
I wrote a letter
I wrote him a letter
I wrote it to him
I want to tell you
I want to tell it to you
I am writing it
I am writing it to you
CREER (yo)
OIR (yo)
SER (yo)
DAR (yo)
CREER (ella)
OIR (ella)
SER (ella)
DAR (ella)

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