The Real Christmas Characters

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Can you name the characters in stories of Jesus' birth from Matthew and Luke?

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#NameRelation to story
1.The big guy
2.Prophet who prophecies virgin conception, Emmanuel (quoted)
3.King of Judea
4.Temple authority, husband of line 5
5.Wife of line 4
6.Temple authority group, choose line 4 to enter sanctuary
7.Group outside praying while line 4 is in sanctuary
8.Child of lines 4 & 5
9.Group: rejoice with line 5; at circumcision of line 8
10.Godly authority: appears to lines 4 & 12
11.Godly authority: appears to line 13
12.Fiancée/wife of line 13
#NameRelation to story
13.Fiancée/husband of line 12
14.Conceives line 15
15.Child of lines 12 & 14, adopted child of line 13
16.Ponder who line 8 will become
18.Should be registered for census
19.Governor of Syria
20.Group visited by lines 22 & 23; visit lines 12, 13 & 15
21.Watched by line 19
22.Godly authority that appears to lines 13 & 20
23.Godly authority/Group that appear to line 20

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