Irregular Verbs: Präteritum and Past Participle

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Can you name the Irregular Verbs: Präteritum and Past Participle?

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VerbPräteritumPast Participle
steigen* (to climb/rise)
sterben* (to die)
stoßen (to push/thrust)
streichen (to paint/to cancel)
streiten (to argue)
tragen (to carry)
treffen (to meet, to hit)
treiben (to drive, to float)
treten (to kick)
trinken (to drink)
tun (to do)
vergessen (to forget)
verlieren (to lose)
VerbPräteritumPast Participle
wachsen (to grow)
waschen (to wash)
weisen (to indicate, to show)
wenden (to turn, to flip)
werben (to advertise)
werden* (to become)
werfen (to throw)
wiegen (to weigh)
winden (to wind)
wissen (to know)
wollen (to want)
ziehen (to pull, to draw)

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