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Can you name the HIMYM QUIZ SEASON 1?

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Who did Marshall first propose to?
Who took a champagne cork to the eye?
What kind of party were Marshall and Lily going to attend for their grown up party?
What is the car that Marshall owns?
Where did Ted meet Victoria?
What type of shoes did Victoria have on?
What were the two things that Victoria and Ted stole from the wedding?
What was Victoria's fake name?
Where did Marshall and Lily go to eat when they were fighting?
What did Ted do to finally get Robin?
What did Lily do when she ruined a wedding dress?
What song did Lily and Marshall duet on?
What did Victoria give Ted when she was deciding whether or not to go to Germany?
What was the first Lily and Marshall had when they were waiting inside the bathroom at the apartment?
Where did Lily leave to?

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