*Christmas/Holiday* Spelling Words

Random Holiday or religious holiday Quiz

Can you name the correct spelling of words associated with the *Christmas/Holiday* Season?

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Spelling ChoicesCorrect Spelling
slay, sliegh, sleigh
holly, hollie, hollee
icycle, icicle, iceicle
myrrh, myhrr, mhyrr
reath, wreath, wreeth
wassail, wasill, wassale
angleic, angellic, angelic
youltide, yuletied, yuletide
balsome, balsam, ballsam
nativitee, nativitea, nativity
Ruedolf, Rudeolph, Rudolph
reindeer, reigndeer, raindeer
popourri, popurree, potpourri
fruitcake, frootcake, friutcake
chimenny, chimney, chimmeny
Spelling ChoicesCorrect Spelling
snoflake, snowfake, snowflake
shepherd, sheperd, sheppherd
misseltoe, missletoe, mistletoe
chessnuts, czechnuts, chestnuts
pointsettia, poinsetta, poinsettia
Christmas, Chrissmas, Chrismas
ornamint, ornament, orneryment
cinamonn, cinnamon, cinnammon
nutcracker, nutcrakker, nutcraker
champane, champagne, champain
cornacopia, cornecopia, cornucopia
decoration, deckoration, deccoration
sugarplumb, sugarplum, sugarplump
ginjarbread, gingarbread, gingerbread
frankencense, frankensense, frankincense

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