BTS or BAP or EXO?

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Can you name the BTS,BAP or EXO member?

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Maknae of BTS
Leader of EXO
Dancer Of BAP
Member hidden from the world until debut
Who said; 'Cheesy burger I love it'
Received chocolates and a letter for Valentines day in elementary school
Loves Tigger
Wanted to be a Hairstylist
Openly supports lgbt community
Speaks the worst English in BTS
Real name is Kim JongDae
Nickname is 'Bacon'
Left-handed BAP member
Used to be an endorsement model
Has a bad habit of biting his nails
Shared an apple with Kai
Is Forced to call BaekHyun 'hyung'
His ability is healing
Believes in love at first sight
Does laundry in the dorm
Ideal type: smaller than him, and dance to music no matter where they are
Owns a white cat
Speaks fluent English
Won 'singing Jjang in 10th SM teen best contest'
Can you guess my favorite member of BAP
Can you guess my favorite member of EXO-K
Can you guess my favorite member of BTS
Can you guess my favorite member of EXO-M
Just so I can get to an even number, Do you like this quiz

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