Multiple Real People Disorder III

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Can you name the actors/actresses who have portrayed multiple real people?

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Real Life PeopleActor
Sonny Wortzik & Benjamin Ruggiero
Truman Capote & Lester Bangs
Gene Kranz & Jackson Pollock
Elizabeth Bacon Custer & Charlotte Bronte
John Smith & Alexander the Great
Patch Adams & Adrian Cronauer
Alfred Kinsey & Oskar Schindler
Mae Braddock & Beatrix Potter
Peter Sellers & David Helfgott
Marie Antoinette & Marion Davies
Bob Woodward & Denys Finch Hatton
Julie Powell & Amelia Earhart
George Reeves & Tony Mendez
Zola Taylor & Dorothy Dandridge
Ramesses II & King Mongkut
Real Life PeopleActor
Idi Amin & Charlie Parker
Butch Cassidy & Earl Long
William Bligh & Henry VIII
Emma Hamilton & Cleopatra
Mike Wallace & Leo Tolstoy
Molly Brown & Gertrude Stein
Larry Flynt & Bob Wilson
P.L. Travers & Gareth Peirce
Myra Gale Lewis & Susanna Kaysen
Franklin D. Roosevelt & Howard Cosell
Harvey Milk & Joseph Wilson
Michelangelo & Andrew Jackson
Sylvia Plath & Patsy Jefferson
Dicky Eklund & John Rolfe
Eleanor of Aquitaine & Clara Schumann

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