Sochi Superstars: Gold Medalists

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Can you name all the Gold Medal Winners at the 2014 Winter Olympics?

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M - Downhill (AUT)
W - Downhill (shared gold, SUI)
W - Downhill (shared gold, SLO)
M - Super-G (NOR)
W - Super-G (AUT)
M - Giant Slalom (USA)
W - Giant Slalom (SLO)
M - Slalom (AUT)
W - Slalom (USA)
M - Combined (SUI)
W - Combined (GER)
M - Biathlon - Individual (FRA)
W - Biathlon - Individual (BLR)
M - Biathlon - Sprint (NOR)
W - Biathlon - Sprint (SVK)
M - Biathlon - Pursuit (FRA)
W - Biathlon - Pursuit (BLR)
M - Biathlon - Mass Start (NOR)
W - Biathlon - Mass Start (BLR)
M - Biathlon - Relay
W - Biathlon - Relay
Mixed Biathlon Relay
M - Two-man Bobsleigh
M - Four-man Bobsleigh
W - Two-woman Bobsleigh
M - 15km Classical X-Country (SUI)
W - 10km Classical X-Country (POL)
M - 30km Skiathlon X-Country (SUI)
W - 15km Skiathlon X-Coutry (NOR)
M - 50km Freestyle X-Country (RUS)
W - 30km Freestyle X-Country (NOR)
M - 4x10km Relay X-Country
W - 4x5km Relay X-Country
M - Sprint X-Country (NOR)
W - Sprint X-Country (NOR)
M - Team Sprint X-Country
W - Team Sprint X-Country
M - Curling
W - Curling
M - Figure Skating Singles (JPN)
W - Figure Skating Singles (RUS)
Pair Skating
Ice Dancing
Team Trophy Figure Skating
M - Freestyle Skiing Aerials (BLR)
W - Freestyle Skiing Aerials (BLR)
M - Freestyle Skiing Halfpipe (USA)
W - Freestyle Skiing Halfpipe (USA)
M - Freestyle Skiing Moguls (CAN)
W - Freestyle Skiing Moguls (CAN)
M - Freestyle Skiing Slopestyle (USA)
W - Freestyle Skiing Slopestyle (CAN)
M - Ski-Cross (FRA)
W - Ski-Cross (CAN)
M - Ice Hockey
W - Ice Hockey
M - Luge Singles (GER)
W- Luge Singles (GER)
Luge Doubles
Luge Team Relay
Nordic Combined - Large (NOR)
Nordic Combined - Normal (GER)
Nordic Combined - Team
M - ST Speed Skating 500m (RUS)
W - ST Speed Skating 500m (CHN)
M - ST Speed Skating 1000m (RUS)
W - ST Speed Skating 1000m (KOR)
M - ST Speed Skating 1500m (CAN)
W - ST Speed Skating 1500m (CHN)
M - ST Speed Skating Relay
W - ST Speed Skating Relay
M - Skeleton (RUS)
W - Skeleton (GBR)
M - Ski Jumping - Normal (POL)
M - Ski Jumping - Large (POL)
M - Ski Jumping - Team
W - Ski Jumping (GER)
M - Snowboard Parallel Slalom (RUS)
W - Snowboard Parallel Slalom (AUT)
M - Snowboard Parallel Giant (RUS)
W - Snowboard Parallel Giant (SUI)
M - Snowboard Halfpipe (SUI)
W - Snowboard Halfpipe (USA)
M - Snowboard Slopestyle (USA)
W - Snowboard Slopestyle (USA)
M - Snowboard Cross (FRA)
W - Snowboard Cross (CZE)
M - Speed Skating 500m (NED)
W - Speed Skating 500m (KOR)
M - Speed Skating 1000m (NED)
W - Speed Skating 1000m (CHN)
M - Speed Skating 1500m (POL)
W - Speed Skating 1500m (NED)
W - Speed Skating 3000m (NED)
M - Speed Skating 5000m (NED)
W - Speed Skating 5000m (CZE)
M - Speed Skating 10000m (NED)
M - Speed Skating Team Pursuit
W - Speed Skating Team Pursuit

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