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Well then I guess you're screwed.
This man is trying to kill himself. God forgive me I need you to let him.
This is more disturbing than your bag full of mommy.
I don't know. What do they do for the 666 on the back of your skull?
You have hot boobs, and I stare at them too.
What do I care if his abs are where his soul should be?
Oh, good lord. He got to you, too.
The only person that can keep a promise that big is God, and I haven't seen him holding a scalpel lately.
Let me say it once: Grandpa... Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa!
I am not your sister!
Don't you dare come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch.
Meredith, I want your crappy babies. All of them.
How would you feel if she called your penis angry or snide?
I want all of you people to do what I say!
I'm telling you, I have the energy of ten men.
Bow to me, for I am the queen of interns!

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