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Buzz wordsNameExtra Info
>1000 monocytes
Most Differentiated LPD, paraproteinemia, kappa?lambda
anemia w/ blasts
Transfusion dept, RA/RARS
CD5, no CD23
Fibrotic BM
CD5 and CD23
NHL t(14:18)
excess IgM
HL, 2nd most common, ok prog
JAKneg, t(9:22)
Buzz wordsNameExtra Info
NHL blast cells
Chronic Leukemia, LPD
TRAP stain
NHL. 3 types
NHL, IgG and IgM.
NHL, IgM only. t(8:14)
Most common HL in adults, best prog
CD5 w/ Richter's Transformation, AIHA, ITP poss.
HL, under 35, great prog
ringed sideroblasts
MDS with mult cells lines
Disseminated HL
only Platelets elevated

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