The Ghastly Quiz: Euphemisms for Death

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Can you name the guess the euphemism for 'to die' based on the following clues?

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Whew, that piece of fabric has got some stamina.
I want to see the Nutrition Facts before I try it.
I didn't know you could sing.
On what date does the bread go bad?
For goodness sakes, at least give him a chance!
Yes, I raided the minibar. Just add it to the bill. I'll be paying with Visa.
I hope to close at $200,000 with the tractor included.
Wow, that must have been one heck of an oyster.
When in ancient Greece, do as the ancient Greeks did.
I'll take half of it in 20s and the rest in 10s.
72 Degrees
Ouch, I stubbed my toe!
So you have a sore throat today?
That doesn't sound very comfortable or hygenic.
You'll need some fertilizer for that.
Do you have any beachfront units not built with pine? I've heard they're termite magnets.
Poor Casper.
My mother always told me to walk upright and not shuffle my feet, wherever I might be going.
Tell Him I want to reschedule.
When you wake up, tell Nemo I said hi.
Do you sell potash, nitrates, or phosphates?

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