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What is Clove's skill?
Who does the Mockingjay pin originally belong to?
What is Katniss named after?
What game do the soldiers play to try to help Peeta's memory?
What effect does Tracker Jacker venom have?
How did the rebellion war begin?
What is Katniss?
What is the Mockingjay a mutt of?
Whose children never participate in the games?
Who dies laughing while coughing up blood?
Who does Katniss shoot with 'The last arrow of the war'?
What song did Katniss' mom ban her father from singing?
Why did Finnick have to sell his body?
Who is Annie?
Who created the bomb that kills Prim?
How does Haymitch deal with the pain he hides?
Who is a talented painter?
What are the districts as a whole called?
Who won the second Quarter Quell?
What lie does Peeta tell before he and Katniss had to go into the 75th Hunger Games arena?
What is the first thing Katniss grabs in the 74th Hunger Games arena?
When is Buttercup nice to Katniss?
What happens in the 12:00-1:00 section of the 75th Hunger Games arena?
What color is Effie's hair?
What is a Capitol slave that can't speak?
What did Katniss do as Rue died?
What scent is the most sickening to Katniss?
What did Cinna do to Katniss' wedding gown?
How did Gale save district 12 when being bombed by the capitol?
What does the Mockingjay symbolize?
What is Finnick's signature weapon?

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