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Gale created the bomb that killed my sister! FML
Yes! I finally caught the girl to lure Katniss here...wait...*hears whirring noise*...*finally sees arrow*...FML
This hangover's killing me! FML
That stupid girl started this new revolution with just a handfull of berries! FML
Awww Katniss ran out of morphling!!! FML
Prim died? and now I have to live with that thing known as her sister! FML've been sleeping with Katniss? FML
Nuuuuuu!!!! I don't wanna be hijacked!!!! FML
*hears buzzing noise*...Oh noes! Tracker Jackers...FML
These berries are very....0.0....X.x FML
Mutant lizards!!!! FML
Yes, she'll shoot Snow and I can rule all of PANEM!!!! Wait...why is she pointing her arrow at me?...FML
what is that? ahhhhhhhh a pod!!! FML
My youngest daughter died and my oldest daughter is emotionally scarred...and I'm sitting here being a doctor...FML

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