MLB One-and-done Managers

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Can you name the Baseball managers who had only one stint managing?

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Longtime Giants IF managed the team to a 56-88 record in 1985
Journeyman IF who had a disasterous 22-61 record with Diamondbacks in 2004
Longtime Cardinals 3B who managed the team for 1978-80
Former Red Sox 3B managed team from 1992-94
Longtime Padres broadcaster who managed team in 1980
His 30 years in the Yankees org. included managing the team from 1990-91
He was the original manager of the Blue Jays, lasting 3 seasons
1970s Yankees hero who managed the team from 1989-1990
Journeyman C who managed the Cubs in 1991 with a record of 59-63
Longtime Cubs SS, managed the White Sox in 1979
Succeeded Tommy Lasorda as Dodgers manager in 1996
Former Tigers, Dodgers & Cubs P, managed the Orioles in 1995
Career minor leaguer, managed the Phillies 1989-91
Former Expos & Rangers 3B, managed the Tigers 1998-99
It's a sure bet that you can name this 1984-89 Reds manager
Former Giants & Cubs IF, managed the Cubs 1979-81
Former Dodgers 2B who managed the Brewers from 2000-02
HOF Braves star managed team 1972-74
Managed the 2001 World Series champion AZ Diamondbacks
Former Mets & Pirates OF managed the Orioles 2004-05
Managed the Orioles and his 2 sons from 1987-1988
Braves IF from 1976-84, posted a 53-94 record as the Brewers manager in 2002
Red Sox manager from 1988-91 who shares name with a HOF 2B
Former Cardinals PH-OF, managed the Mets in 1976-77
Legendary hitter who managed the Senators/Rangers from 1969-72
Former Astros C who had a 55-100 record with the Tigers in 2002
Indians HOF who was both the 2nd black player (1947) and 2nd black manager (1978)
HOF Yankees C managed team for 105 games in 1946
A member of the 1969 'Miracle Mets', he managed the team from 1990-1991
Backup C for Johnny Bench in the 1970s, managed the Mariners in 1992
His 'one' stint lasted 23 seasons with the Brooklyn & LA Dodgers
Former IF who led the 1976-77 Rangers to a 146-108 record, but never managed again
Former C who managed the Mariners from 2009-10
Former Dodgers speedster managed the Mariners in 1980-81
Current Phillies 1B coach, managed the Orioles 2005-07
Former Brewers & Blue Jays IF, led Jays to a 88-74 record in 1998

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