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Forced Order
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Liz Lemon and Sarah Palin impersonator
Teen Idol who Rizzo wanted to be like in “Grease”
She wrote “To Kill A Mockingbird”
Whitley on “A Different World”
Chinese American “Master of Modern Architecture”
Khmer Rouge Dictator
Chicago White Sox OF who was the 2005 World Series MVP
The Science Guy
Two-time Olympic Gold medal distance runner from England
American Girl-next-door known for the hits “Que Sera Sera” & “Sentimental Journey”
She was Laurie Partidge
The Green Hornet's original Kato
7'7' Basketball star from the Sudan who died in 2010
“I'm Sorry” sang this “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree” songbird
“A Raisin In The Sun” star who is the widow of Ossie Davis
He told the tale of ”A Tell-Tale Heart”
She was blamed for breaking up the Beatles
Barney Miller's Detective Nick Yemena
60s singer who was “Dizzy” for “Sheila”
“Marty McFly” or “Alex P Keaton”
Chief Watergate prosecutor
Appomattox was this General's Waterloo
He murdered Dr. King in Memphis
1970s & 1980s Raiders Punter
Hollywood Square and voice of Underdog
She authored “The Joy Luck Club”
Hong Kong native director of “Face/Off”, “A Better Tomorrow” and “Mission Impossible II”
Hall Of Fame Boston Bruins denfenceman
70's Dodgers 3B known as “The Penguin”
Sensuous 40s & 50s Pop singer who had “fever in the morning, fever all thru the night”
NY Giants Hall of Fame Outfielder of yesteryear
Golf sensation who joined the LPGA before turning 16 in 2005
New York Knicks 2012 surprise phenom
She co-starred with Jennifer, Lisa, David, Matt and Matthew
“Suzie Baby” & “Rubber Ball” Pop singer whose career was launched “The Day The Music Died”
A victim, until identified
Director of “Pearl Harbor” and “The Transformers”
Founding Father who was the 1st Chief Justice of the SCOTUS
Mrs. Brian Austin Green
Early Western actor who starred in over 300 silent movies
He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee

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