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Can you name the Duos (and Trios) by their lesser used names?

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Lesser used namesDuo/Trio
LaVerne, Maxene and Patty
Charlie and Craig Reid
Denny and Rick
Richard & Karen
Ricky, Michael, Ronnie
Skoob and Dray
Cavin and Alisa
Kenny & John
George & Andrew
Farina & Farina
Clarke and Bell
Dan, Carolla & Tommy
Berry and Torrence
Townes & Smith
Kix & Ronnie
Amy & Emily
Matthew & Gunnar
Marin & Tommy
Tennant and Lowe
George & Louis (Lightnin' Licks & Thunder Thumbs)
Jake & Elwood
Lesser used namesDuo/Trio
Asher and Walker
Kenny & Jim
Jim and Dash
Carnie, Wendy & Chynna
Pettigrew & Chacon
Marie and Per
Nick & Valerie
David and Howard
Havoc and Prodigy
Houston & Broussard
Naomi & Wynona
Annie & Dave
Ray Hildebrand & Jill Jackson
Byrd & Nelson
Jack & Meg
Don & Phil
Francine (or Linda) & Fame
Leroy and Casey
Bono & Bono
Benjamin and Patton
Eddie & Troy
Lesser used namesDuo/Trio
Moore & Prater
Hayes and Jones
Paul & Art
Gene & John
Jennings & Nelson
Baker & Robinson
Mark Volman & Howard Kaylen
Watkins, Lopes & Thomas
David, Stephen & Graham
Cedric & Joel
Wash and Armstead
Hardin and McPherson
Medley & Hatfield
Lester & Earl
Keith, Greg & Carl
Russell and Hitchcock
Christopher Reid & Christopher Martin
Stuart & Clyde
Daryl & Toni
Daryl & John

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