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Can you name the The TV series by their dim-witted characters?

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Dim-witted Character(s)TV Series
Lowell Mather
Vinton & Naomi Harper
Axl Heck
Lisa Douglas, Eb Dawson
Gob & Buster Bluth
George, Larry, Darryl and Darryl
Ralph Wiggum
Victoria Flynn
Joey Russo
Hilary Banks
Hoss Cartwright
Junior Kyle
Cody Lambert
Buddy Lembeck
Jack McFarland
Mallory, Skippy, Nick
Van Montgomery
Jake Harper
Harry Solomon
Kelly Bundy
Peter Griffin
Dim-witted Character(s)TV Series
Jethro Bodine
Reese ?
Matthew Brock
Randy Hickey
Ted Baxter
Chrissy Snow
H. M. Murdock
Goober & Gomer Pyle
Mark Healy, Arnie
Brittany S. Pierce
Luther Van Dam, Dauber
Potsie Weber
Kelso, Midge, Leo
Bull Shannon
Woody Boyd, Ernie Pantusso
Mayor Winston
Joey Tribbiani
Carlton the doorman
Rose Nylund
Enos, Cletus, Roscoe
Kimmy Gibbler
Lumpy Rutherford
Frank Drebin
Danny Dallas
Eric Matthews

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