Child Stars: Dead or Alive ???

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Can you name the if the former Child Star is Dead or Alive????

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Child Star (claim to fame)Dead or Alive
Suzanne Crough ('Partridge Family')
Trent Lehman ('Nanny & The Professor'
Eve Plumb ('Jan Brady')
Deon Richmond (Kenny on 'The Cosby Show')
Ralph Carter (Michael Evans on 'Good Times')
George McFarland (Spanky in 'Our Gang')
Billy Gray (Bud on 'Father Knows Best')
Michelle Thomas (Myra on 'Family Matters')
Rusty Hamer ('Make Room For Daddy')
Haywood Nelson (Dwayne on 'What's Happening!!')
Billy Laughlin (Froggy in 'Our Gang')
Kim Richards ('Escape to Witch Mountain')
Anissa Jones (Buffy on 'Family Affair')
Emmanuel Lewis ('Webster')
Rebecca Schaeffer ('My Sister Sam')
Gary Coleman ('Diff'rent Strokes')
Merlin Santana (Stanley on 'The Cosby Show')
Rodney Allen Rippy ('Jack In-The-Box' ads)
Matthew Garber (Michael Banks in 'Mary Poppins')
Lance Kerwin ('James At 15')
Dana Plato ('Diff'rent Strokes')
Peter Billingsley (Ralphie in 'A Christmas Story')
Child Star (claim to fame)Dead or Alive
Shirley Temple
Dana Barron ('National Lampoon's Vacation')
Butch Patrick ('Eddy Munster')
Bill Mumy (Will Robinson on 'Lost In Space')
Keith Thibodeaux (Little Ricky on 'I Love Lucy')
Lani O'Grady ('Mary on 'Eight Is Enough')
Jerry Mathers ('Leave It To Beaver')
Brandon Cruz ('Courtship of Eddie's Father ')
Todd Bridges ('Diff'rent Strokes')
Tracey Gold ('Growing Pains')
Kathy Coleman (Holly in 'Land of the Lost')
Adam Rich ('Nicholas on 'Eight Is Enough')
Robby Rist (Cousin Oliver on 'The Brady Bunch')
Corey Haim ('Lost Boys')
Mickey Rooney
Dana Hill ('National Lampoon's European Vacation')
Heather O'Rourke ('Poltergeist')
Danny Bonaduce ('Partridge Family')
Kristy McNichol (Buddy on 'Family')
Kathy Garver (Cissy on 'Family Affair')
Jonathan Brandis ('seaQuest DSV')
Johnny Whitaker (Jody on 'Family Affair')

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