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Can you name the TV Drama series by the two word clue?

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General Lee
St. Eligius
Wheelchair Cop
Happy Chrismukkah
Serial Killer
Teenage Kryptonite
Vegas Forensics
Venus Butterfly
Vicodin Doc
Bully Cops
Cussing Western
Silent Clock
Moldavian Massacre
Ponderosa Men
Cicely Alaska
Bad Things
Goodnight Grandpa
Singing Police
Rampart Paramedics
Nerd Herd
Peach Pit
Oval Office
River Court
Log Lady
Phoenix Seer
Wisteria Women
Witchy Sisters
Jersey Whackers
Seaview Circle
Self Destruct
Albuquerque Meth
Fleeing Doctor
Hand Wipes
Nam Nurses
Rome Wisconsin
Texas Football
Southfork Ranch
Final Frontier
Family Morgue
Bouncing Lifeguards
Another Dimension
Rebuild Him
Cops Butts
Green Rage
Orphaned Siblings
Lollipop Lieutenant
Cabot Cove
Elderly Detective
Doose's Market
Kemo Sabe
Utah Polygamist
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