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Norwegian actress and film director, appeared in Persona
Norwegian explorer, scientist, and diplomat famous for his arctic expeditions
Swedish author of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils
World famous Swedish band, Dancing Queen
Danish writer, poet and playwright, famous for fairytales like the Little Mermaid
Norwegian football manager and former footballer who played mostly for Manchester United
Finnish creator of the Linux operating system
Finnish creator of the Moomin books (childern's fantasy series)
Professional, Swedish, female golfer
Norwegian playwright and poet, famous for A Doll's House
Norwegian inventor of the paperclip
Founder of Finnish cellphone company Nokia
Finnish racing driver and two-time Formula One World Champion
Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist know for Binomial nomenclature
World famous, Swedish director, writer and producer for film, stage and television.
Danish scientist that discovered that electric currents induce magnetic fields
Swedish inventor and scientist, famous for dynamite
Finnish ice hockey player, right winger who currently manages team Finland
Modern Norwegian explorer known for his Kon-Tiki Expedition
Norwegian composer and pianist
Author of Pippi Longstocking
Author of Out of Africa under the pen name Isak Dinesen
Father Christmas*
Great Danish physicist, worked with quantum mechanics and Manhattan Project
First person to reach the South Pole
Creators of Skype
Fictional Danish prince, enemy of Claudius
Founder of world's largest furniture shop IKEA
Swedish tennis player, former world No. 1
Norwegian expressionist painter, The Scream
19th century opera singer, 'Swedish Nightingale'
Fictional comic-strip Viking
First European explorer of the New World, 'the Lucky'
Swedish astronomer, famous for his temperature measurement

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