Muscle Origin & Insertions Felis front limb

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Can you name the Muscle Origin & Insertions Felis front limb?

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Triceps brachii: long headOrigin
Triceps brachii: long headInsertion
Triceps brachii: lateral headOrigin
Triceps brachii: lateral headInsertion
Triceps brachii: medial headOrigin
Triceps brachii: medial headInsertion
Biceps brachiiOrigin
Biceps brachiiInsertion
Extensor carpi radialis longusOrigin
Extensor carpi radialis longusInsertion
Extensor carpi radialis brevisOrigin
Extensor carpi radialis brevisInsertion
Extensor digitorum communisOrigin
Extensor digitorum communisInsertion
Extensor digitorum lateralis (of the antebrachium)Origin
Extensor digitorum lateralis (of the antebrachium)Insertion
Abductor pollicis longusOrigin
Abductor pollicis longusInsertion
Flexor carpi radialisOrigin
Flexor carpi radialisInsertion
Flexor digitorum superficialis (of the forearm)Origin
Flexor digitorum superficialis (of the forearm)Insertion

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