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the 80s
Eddy Grant wants to rock down to where?
Cake wants a girl with a short skirt and a?
What does Alphaville wanna be forever?
What is the Ohio Players favorite ride?
What is Earth Wind and Fire's favorite month?
What culture do the Bangles walk like?
What is the Village Peoples favorite club?
Where does Rose Royce work?
what do Kool and the gang do with you?
What will Rick Astley never do?
Earth Wind and Fire want you to what tonight?
the 80s
Talking Head's house is in the middle of what?
Who rocks Falco?
Men without hats cares about what when dancing?
What is Loverboy working for?
Who does Rick Springfield wish he had?
the J. Gelis Band knows for sure that?
What does the Human League keep feeling?
What is David Bowie under?
What does Salt-N-Pepa want you to do?
What question do the Baha Men ask you?
What got dropped on the Gap Band?

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