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Mr. Fader, you sure do ask a lot of stupid questions for a guy from New JerseyGilda Radner
We come from France.Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain
Candygram.Chevy Chase
Ooooh noooooooo!Vance Degeneres
Star Wars, Nothing but Star Wars, Give me those Star Wars, Don't let them end!Bill Murray
How'd you get so funky? Did you do the monkey? Born in Arizona, Moved to BabyloniaSteve Martin
To be made a saint in-a the catholic church, you have to have-a four miracles. That's-a the rules, you know.Don Novello
The last time I heard that one, I fell off my dinosaur.Gilda Radner
Beisbol been bery, bery good to me!Garrett Morris
Chee-burger, chee-burger.John Belushi

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