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Scott Roper is a negotiator in what movie?
Arsenio Hall stars in what movie along side Eddie Murphy?
What movie did Eddie Murphy cameo in?
Witch two actors was Trading Places originally written for?
Prince Akeem comes to America in search of what?
Axel Foley is a fictional character of what movie?
Eddie Murphy co-stars along side witch actor in I-Spy?
What is the name of the dog in Dr.Dolittle?
Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy co-star in what movie?
What is Eddie Murphy's character name in 48 Hours?
What is Eddie Murphy's brothers name?
How many Music Studio Albums has Eddie Murphy released?
Who co-stared in Showtime with Eddie Murphy?
What year was Eddie Murphy born?
Janet Jackson stars in what Eddie Murphy movie?
Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor co-stared along side Eiddie Murphy in what movie?
How many children dose Eddie Murphy have?
In the films Life and Boomerang who co-stared along side Eddie Murphy?
In A Thousand Words what is Eddie Murphy's character name?
In Holy Man what is Eddie Murphy's character name?
In 1985 what number did 'Party all the time' Chart in the US Billboard-Chart?
Rasputia Latimore is from what Eddie Murphy movie?
Jada Pinkett-Smith stars in what Eddie Murphy movie?
In Shrek what is Eddie Murphy's character?
What is Kelly Robinson's profession in I-Spy?
In Mulan what is Mushu?
Who is Eddie Murphy's Comedic Mentor?
In The Distinguished Gentleman what is Eddie Murphy's character's name?
Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy star in what movie?
Eddie Murphy won a Golden Globe for what movie?

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