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Can you name the famous people by their quotes when they are translated into Latin?

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Quem patria tua potest agere prō tē nōn roga, quem potes agere prō patriā tuā roga
Rēs solam terrēre habēmus terrōrem ipsum est.
Nunc mōrs fiō, vastātor mundōrum.
Octōgintā septem annīs abhinc...
Est passus ūnus parvus virī, saltus ūnus magnus generis humanum.
Optatiōnem habeō...
Lībertātem mihi dā, aut dā mihi mortem.
Hoc mūrum revelle!
Nūlla nova vectigalia.
Sunt tempora quae temptant virōrum animās.
Nōn sum fur.

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