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Can you name the missing words in the fundamental 16 rules of Esperanto grammar?

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HintMissing WordRule Number
There is no indefinite _______; there is only a definite _______ la, the same for all genders, numbers and cases.1
All nouns end in -o. To form the ______, simply add -j. To make a noun the object, add -n.2
__________ end in -a. They decline the same way nouns do.3
The ________ from 1-10 are unu, du, tri, kvar, kvin, ses, sep, ok, naux, dek. Combine these numbers to make tens and hundreds.4
The personal ________ are mi, vi, sxi, gxi, li, ni, and ili. They are declined the same as nouns5
A ____ does not change with person or number. The present tense is formed with -as, the future with -os, and the past with -is.6
Adjectives are turned into _______ with -e.7
All ____________ take the subject.8
HintMissing WordRule Number
Every ____ is read as it is written.9
The ______ always falls on the second-to-last syllabke10
To form ________ words, simply put two words together.11
Don't use double _________.12
To show direction, _____ take the accusative ending.13
Use the ___________ je when you're not sure which other one to use.14
Form the ________ with the prefix mal-.15
The final _____ of a word may be omitted and replaced with an apostrophe.16

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