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write such good stories oh their mothers must be proud
i was dreaming something dark
i never say a word, in case i come off needy, i never say a word
we are the spoons, metally mean
Supermarket, what packet of crackers to pick?
Don't want cash, don't want card
life became complicated
i'm a tangled ball of string
My mother says run as fast as you can
Grandpa was a miner
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i hoped you were a gemini
you think i'd like to rule the world
sucked into a black balloon
let me fall and kiss your feet
would you do anything for me? Buy a big diamond ring for me? Would you get down on your knees for me?
lying on a fake beach, you'll never get a tan
Used to be a major scale, but the melody went stale. Musical cacophony
Now it's time, bury the hatchet
It almost feels like a joke, to play out the part
boys and their toys, and their six inch rockets, were all very lovely till we get to know each other

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