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DefinitionKey word
people who move to an area in search of better paid jobs
how people are linked together e.g. trade, transport, political control
something that is constantly changing.
where manufacturing industry declines and teritary industry grows
from the development model - area out side of economic expansion e.g Africa, South America
where people from outside the EU move to live and work European countries
a group of people from one ethnic group living as a community within another group e.g. Chinatowns and little Italys
an area or territory separated by another territroy e.g. Vatican City in Rome
the average age of all the people in the country is increasing
a period of time where the birth rate is greatly increased
a concentration of business and industry on the outskirts of an old city
an organisation to promote fair pay for workers in developing countries
DefinitionKey word
the gap between those that have access to digital technology (internet etc) and those that don't
area of land (including resources) needed by an individual, organisation or nation to meet its current needs
UN programme to address human impacts on the environment
an area where businesses can import raw materials, process and manufacture them and then export them without having to pay duties - keeps costs down
Western Europe, Japan, Australasia, North America - the first areas to industrialise
from the development model - area of economic expansion e.g. North America, Europe, Japan
term describing efforts the EU goes to in keeping non EU goods, business and nationals out of the EU
places where carbon dioxide are stored e.g. oceans and plants
where the government has the same pricing for import and exports regardless of the country it is trading with
where most business and industry is controlled by the state
the average number of children born per woman

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