NBA MVPs that failed!

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Can you name the NBA MVPs that failed?

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Season/TeamMVPEliminated by
1955-56 HawksPistons in Western Division Finals
1958-59 HawksLakers in Western Division Finals
1959-60 WarriorsCeltics in Eastern Division Finals
1963-64 RoyalsCeltics in Eastern Division Finals
1965-66 76ersCeltics in Eastern Division Finals
1967-68 76ersCeltics in Eastern Division Finals
1968-69 BulletsKnicks in Eastern Division Semifinals
1971-72 BucksLakers in Western Conference Finals
1972-73 CelticsKnicks in Eastern Conference Finals
1973-74 BucksCeltics in NBA Finals
1974-75 BravesBullets in Eastern Conference Semifinals
1975-76 LakersFailed to make playoffs (go figure)
1976-77 LakersWarriors in Western Conference Semifinals
1977-78 TrailBlazersSuperSonics in Western Conference Semifinals
1978-79 RocketsHawks in 1st Round
1980-81 76ersCeltics in Eastern Conference Finals
1981-82 RocketsSuperSonics in 1st Round
1984-85 CelticsLakers in NBA Finals
Season/TeamMVPEliminated by
1987-88 BullsPistons in Eastern Conference Semifinals
1988-89 LakersPistons in NBA Finals
1989-90 LakersSuns in Western Conference Semifinals
1992-93 SunsBulls in NBA Finals
1994-95 SpursRockets in Western Conference Finals
1996-97 JazzBulls in NBA Finals
1998-99 JazzTrailBlazers in Western Conference Semifinals
2000-01 76ersLakers in NBA Finals
2001-02 SpursLakers in Western Conference Semifinals
2003-04 TimberwolvesLakers in Western Conference Finals
2004-05 SunsSpurs in Western Conference Finals
2005-06 SunsMavericks in Western Conference Finals
2006-07 MavericksWarriors in 1st Round
2007-08 LakersCeltics in NBA Finals
2008-09 CavaliersMagic in Eastern Conference Finals
2009-10 CavaliersCeltics in Eastern Conference Semifinals
2010-11 BullsHeat in Eastern Conference Finals

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