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The people drawn west due to fertile soil.
The people drawn west due to vast pastures.
The people drawn west due to precious metals.
People in the US tried to weaken the Plains Indians by hunting this animal.
This was formed when gold was found and a town popped up 'overnight'.
When one of those towns didn't last it was called this.
What simple economics idea drove the cattle drives?
Most cattle was eventually transported from the western US to this meat-packing city.
What Government program gave away 160 acres of land for free?
In 1893, a massive land rush occurred in this current US state.
All this land was unclaimed because it was __ __?
People who snuck onto this land before the designated time were called this.
People who pushed for this land to be opened up to whites were called this.
This invention allowed cattle to be corralled.
Lacking wood, farmers built unique homes called this.
This idea made supplies in the East available to people in the West.
This man invented a plow that could cut through the thick prairie soil.
The Battle of Little Bighorn is also commonly known as this.
Which famous military man died in the Battle of Little Bighorn?
Which two Indian chiefs lead the Sioux in the Battle of Little Bighorn?
What dance did many Indians perform hoping to return all land back to themselves.
Where in South Dakota did a terrible massacre of Indians take place?
This man tried to lead the Nez Perce to Canada, but was stopped.
According to his doctors what was his cause of death in 1904?
This Apache leader used guerilla warfare against both the US and Mexico.
The US frequently removed Indians from their land and forced them to live on __.
Phil Sheridan once said, 'The only good Indian...'.
This service was briefly used to deliver mail in the West.
This man started a show called the 'Wild West'.

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