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HintTeamYears Together
Married couple1922-1958
TV hosts1952-1960, 1966-1973
Fat man and skinny man1927-1956
3 brothers and 3 friends made up this group1925-1970
The Hippi-Dippi Weatherman left this team 1959-1962
A mexican and chinese duo1971-1985, 2008-present
Two 2,000 year old men1960-present
HintTeamYears Together
5 brothers in all1907-1959
Who's on?1935-1956
Married couple with a famous son1955-present
A Rat Packer and a Nutty Professor1946-1956
Musical brothers1959-present
5 Brits and a Yankee1969-1983
Various improvers1987-2007

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