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Official name w/o CountryCountry
Commonwealth of _____
Kingdom of _____
United _____ States
Principality of _____
_____ of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
People's Democratic Republic of _____
People's Republic of _____
Sultanate of _____
Republic of _____
Socialist Republic of _____
Arab Republic of _____
Plurinational State of _____
Federation of _____
Federal Republic of _____
_____ Federation
_____ People's Democratic Republic
Democratic Republic of _____
_____ Arab Republic
Cooperative Republic of _____
Official name w/o CountryCountry
Federative Republic of _____
_____ Confederation
_____ Republic
United Republic of _____
Independent State of _____
___________ (Official name is typical country name)
Federal Democratic Republic of _____
Bolivarian Republic of _____
Hashemite Kingdom of _____
State of _____, Abode of Peace
Grand Duchy of _____
Eastern Republic of _____
Union of _____
Islamic Republic of _____
Republic of the Union of _____
Democratic Socialist Republic of _____
Democratic People's Republic of _____
State of _____

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