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Who was the test flight program manager for the fighter-bomber 'Xian JH-7'?

1) Wu Daguan
2) Wang Ang
Who directs the Pakistani children's fantasy television show Mobile Jin?

1) Gul Shah Bukhari
2) Riaz Sagar
The Belarusian town of Syanno was owned by which family during the first half of the 17th century?

1) Sapieha
2) Ogiński
What is the grid reference number for the Runcorn East railway station in Cheshire, England?

1) SJ557814
2) SJ557815
On what day was Japanese volleyball player Akiko Uchida born?

1) November 30, 1985
2) December 30, 1985
In what department of north-eastern France is the commune Donnelay?

1) Moselle
2) Lorraine

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