Country Population Cluster MINEFIELD

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Name the countries that fit the criteria while avoiding the odd one out.

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► Once you've named the 5 correct countries, enter the revealed code from top to bottom to get rewarded. ► Be careful! One wrong guess and you're done! Do what you know first. ► B = billion, M = million, K = thousand
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150M - 1.3B
Indonesia (A1) 
United States (A2) 
Bangladesh (A3) 
China (A4) 
India (A5) 
Nigeria (A6) 
50M - 100M
Algeria (B1) 
Thailand (B2) 
Vietnam (B3) 
Iran (B4) 
Turkey (B5) 
Italy (B6) 
10M - 40M
Kenya (C1) 
Canada (C2) 
Chile (C3) 
Uzbekistan (C4) 
South Korea (C5) 
Senegal (C6) 
1M - 8M
Macedonia (D1) 
Tunisia (D2) 
Singapore (D3) 
Nicaragua (D4) 
Paraguay (D5) 
Austria (D6) 
100K - 900K
Malta (E1) 
Guyana (E2) 
Djibouti (E3) 
Saint Lucia (E4) 
Bahamas (E5) 
Dominica (E6) 
1K - 80K
Monaco (F1) 
Nauru (F2) 
Andorra (F3) 
Vatican City (F4) 
Marshall Islands (F5) 
Palau (F6) 

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