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If you thought that Indian food is spicy and pungent, the Moroccan food from the city of _____ is even _____ than that!
Like children everywhere, those from the U.K. city of ______ were often ______ their Harry Potter books for hours on end.
'Mother, you said I could do something special during the spring months. ____ I go to the circus when it arrives in _____?'
The _____ gem-cutter from Warsaw also liked to _____ the stones so they’d appear bright and lustrous.
The religious-history researcher was given a ___ to do by his boss, so he set out to learn more about the Biblical figure ___.
The kind Frenchman from _____ offered Hugo some ice cream. It was certainly a very ____ gesture!
Knowing he would repay me after Easter, I___ my usual grocery money to my friend, since I’d be fasting during ____.
Since it is ______ in Washington than many states, there aren’t always clear days on which a Seattle resident can see Mt. _____.
Ironically, after years of studying the constellation of _____, the old astronomer died… from _____.
'I just got some delicious South American _____ beans. They were shipped in from the city of _____.'
According to her beliefs, praying to The ____ Being would help Susan to accurately “steer” the rod, and _____ water on the farm to sustain her crops.

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