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Can you name the Facts about Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone?

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Who is Harry's Uncle?
How old does Harry turn?
Who fetches Harry from the Dursleys?
What school is Harry invited to?
Who killed Harry's parents?
Harry buys his wand from who?
Who does Harry sit with on the train?
Who does he meet who lost his toad?
Who is helping him look for the toad?
What house is Harry sorted into?
Harry's rival is?
What house is he sorted into?
Who is the head of Harry's house?
Who is the Potions teacher?
What position does Harry become in Quidditch?
What do Harry, Hermione, and Ron fight off on Halloween?
Harry gets what for Christmas?
He finds what where he sees his parents?
What does Harry think Snape wants?
What is Voldemort drinking in the forbidden forest?
What do Harry and Ron and Hermione use to put Fluffy to sleep?
One of the obstacles is a game of?
Who does Harry meet after all of the obstacles?
Who is possessed by?
Harry defeats him by doing what?
Who wins the house cup?

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