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Your Team SucksYour Team
Congratulations on your football team's success. Time to celebrate get drunk off the muddy water that still's still flooding your house.
There's nothing particularly interesting to say about your team, but you've won six games in the last three years. SIX GAMES!!!!!
Who cares about the football team? How's Dale Junior doing?
You've enjoyed your last Super Bowl win for a long time and your greatest player doesn't prefer pepsi.
Seriously, why do you still have a football team? Are you even on a map? Also, your local food specialty is vastly inferior to international variations.
Your owner is an idiot and you have the second most hilarious fatty in the NFL.
Your teams sucks horribly and always has, but at least your city isn't being affected by the worst recession since World War II.
You've had a rich and successful history...except for the part where you choked in the playoffs...every single year...ever.
Your Team SucksYour Team
Cuantos Super Bowls has ganado? Cero? LOL
You lost the Super Bowl. Please, for the love of humanity, shut up about the refs.
Oh my God, you have the worst fans in the history of forever.
You're the only team that matters, right? Your quarterback sucks in the playoffs and rhymes with a slur. Congratulations.
Your uniforms made people want to rip their eyes out with their bare hands. So did your football team. Actually, they still do.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. You've had a worse half decade than the Warriors. THE WARRIORS.
You tried to win a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman. Rex. Grossman.
Your city only cares about college football. Your quarterback made people actually like PETA.

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