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CluesPhysics Term/EquationClue/Hint
standard unit of force7
area under velocity vs. time graph7
derivative of velocity7
force that provides vertical acceleration7
magnitude of gravity (m/s^2)7
velocity is a vector and speed is a _____7
integral of acceleration with respect to time7
derivative of acceleration7
the horizontal acceleration in projectile motion is 7
kinematic equations work in situations where acceleration is _____7
CluesPhysics Term/EquationClue/Hint
acceleration at the highest point in an objects vertical path7
velocity at the highest point in an objects vertical path7
does horizontal velocity effect vertical velocity?7
the branch of mechanics that describes the motion of an object without consideration of the causes leading to that motion7
do the laws of physics apply in Russia?7
the path of a projectile follows what shape7
velocity, displacement, and acceleration are all ______7
Does the mass of an object effect kinematics?7
final velocity can be calculated provided you are given initial velocity, acceleration, and ____7
the kinematic equations fail to account for this retarding force7

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