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Kronos, gave divine ruling to Rome, transferred power from Greece to Rome
Son of Poseidon, asked for a Bull from Poseidon
Founder of Thebes
Prophet who is cursed with no one ever believing her
daughter of Minos, falls in love with Theseus
Brother of Menelaus, King of Greece
archaeologist who found Troy
a nymph, a sea goddess. Had a prophecy of her Son being greater than the father
Cave troll who stole the cattle from Hercules, happened in Rome
father of Aeneas, lover of Venus
maze in which the Minotaur was kept
an amazing warrior, son of Thetis and Peleus, invulnerable to weapons, except at the heals
youngest daughter of Agamemnon needed to be sacrificed to avenge Menelaus
King of Thebes after Eteocles and Polyneices kill each other, left alone after everyone kills themselves
Son of Pasiphae and the bull, half bull half man
Youngest son of Priam, sent to safety in case Troy falls
father of the Roman People (NOT founder of Rome)
Original husband of Helen, King of Sparta, brother of Agamemnon
Turkish Hill where Troy was
Son of Odysseus
monster who riddles people approaching Thebes, if they get it wrong, he eats them
King of the Trojans, old
Prince of Troy, Oldest son of Priam
captured Odysseus and his men, almost ate them
most beautiful woman in the world, a daughter of Zues
Home city of Odysseus
King of Ithaca, short and stocky, but clever
Prince of Troy who takes Helen as his wife prize
King in Central Italy, father of Lavinia
wife of Minos, had sex with the bull given to Minos
killed his father, fucked his mother, blinds himself
Mortal who gets married to Thetis
shame, dishonor, disgrace
daughter of Oedipus, gives her outlawed brother a proper burial, although he was deemed a traitor
fame, reputation
Decedent of Aeneas, founder of Rome
Son of Telemon, fought for the Greeks
Thought Lavinia was going to marry him, fights Aeneas, was killed by Aeneas
Ancient King of Athens
wife of Aeneas
Queen who fell in love Aeneas when he was shipwrecked in Carthage
Wife of Priam
city where a massive palace on Crete believed to be the labyrinth was
Mother/Wife of Oedipus
goddess who kept Odysseus as her sex pet for 7 years
good(trait), hero(noun)
Son of Aegeus, killed the Minotaur
having power, ability, virtue
sister of Cadmus, stolen by Zeus disguised as a bull
Wife of Odysseus
Athenian engineer, gets Theseus out of the maze
killed by Hector while wearing Achilles armor

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