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Forced Order
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Adolf Hitler becomes Führer of Germany / Persia becomes Iran / Hank Aaron born
Pittsburgh Steelers win the Superbowl / Apple Computers is founded / Mao Zedong dies
Nelson Mandela becomes South African President / USA stages FIFA World Cup / Kurt Cobain dies
Around the World in Eighty Days wins Best Picture Oscar / Ghana is the first African colony to gain independence / Spike Lee born
US invasion of Iraq begins / England wins Rugby World Cup / Johnny Cash dies
Kronstadt rebellion in Russia / First radio baseball game is broadcast / Jackie Stallone born
Wrestlemania debuts at Madison Square Garden / Nintendo Entertainment System released in US / Orson Welles dies
NATO is created / People's Republic of China founded / Meryl Streep born
Tony Blair is appointed Prime Minister / First Harry Potter book published / Princess Diana dies
China hosts its first Olympic Games / Barack Obama elected as 44th US President / Charlton Heston dies
Metallica forms in Los Angeles / LA Dodgers win World Series / Justin Timberlake born
British Labour Party forms / Hawaii becomes an official US territory / Heinrich Himmler born
Rhode Island ratifies the US Constitution / George Washington gives the first State of the Union Address / Ben Franklin dies
Jamestown is settled / Battle of Gibraltar / John Harvard born
RMS Titanic sinks / Amundsen reaches South Pole / Woody Guthrie born
Thomas Jefferson sworn in for a second term / Most of Detroit destroyed by fire / Horatio Nelson dies
Great Exhibition is opened in Hyde Park / New York Times is founded / Mary Shelley dies
Wounded Knee massacre kills 178 / Corrugated cardboard box is invented / The Elephant Man dies
Captain Cook crossed the Antarctic Circle/ Boston Tea Party occurs / William H. Harrison born
Robert Walpole becomes first British Prime Minister / J.S. Bach composes the Brandenberg Concertos / Marquise de Pompadour born
Austen's Pride and Prejudice is published / James Madison sworn in for a second term as US President / David Livingstone born
Disney Studios begin operations / Yankee Stadium opens / Henry Kissinger born
Cassius Clay wins Olympic gold medal / Ben-Hur wins eleven Oscars / Bono born
Monroe Doctrine introduced / Simón Bolívar named President of Peru / Edward Jenner dies
Arcade game Pong released / Bobby Fischer becomes first American chess world champion / Harry S Truman dies
Dollar monetary unit introduced in USA / First crossing of the English Channel by air / Jakob Grimm born
First electric streetlight is installed / First cash register is patented / Ned Kelly dies
Basque Nationalist Party founded /Oscar Wilde convicted of 'sodomy and indecency' / J. Edgar Hoover born
Karl Benz patents first gasoline-driven automobile / Coca-Cola invented / Chester A Arthur dies
Great Fire of New York destroys 530 buildings / Assassination attempt on Andrew Jackson / Mark Twain born

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