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This large device is mistaken for a iPod1.02 - The End of the World
The Doctor meets this famous author in 19th century London1.03 - The Unquiet Dead
Your lord and masters...1.12/1.13 - ______/The Parting of Ways
The Doctor was sad that his new regeneration wasn't this (but his newest companion is)2.X - Christmas Invasion
From the previous series, the only human companion to appear in the new series2.03 - School Reunion
From the previous series, the non-human companion to appear in the new series2.03 - School Reunion
Always take this to a party2.04 - Girl in the Fireplace
The Timelords are actually responsible for this celestial occurance2.09 - The Satan Pit
What YANA stands for2.11 - Utopia
What Donna was missing these throughout the entire special3.X - The Runaway Bride
Though this episode is mostly about William Shakespeare, this modern writer's work helps save the day3.02 - The Shakespeare Code
The Doctor had to turn up the sonic screwdriver to this setting when playing the organ3.06 - The Lazuraus Experiment
What ever you do, don't _____3.10 - _____
Of those Gallifrean children who saw the vortex, the Doctor had this response3.12 - The Sound of Drums
Not many people can carry off this decorative vegetableChildren in Need 2007 - Time Crash
There's a lot of this activity when around the doctor4.06 - The Doctor's Daughter
What 'Allons-y' means4.08 - Midnight
The 11th Doctor seems to think this is cool5.01 - The Eleventh Hour
This man steals the key to the TARDIS5.03 - Victory of the Daleks
**BONUS: This group tried to move the Earth once before4.12 - The Stolen Earth

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