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'If i had a drink for every goddamn time i think...'Life is Not a Waiting Room
'I know i can't take back what i never lent'Life is Not a Waiting Room
'Stars remind me that light shines from the past.'The Fire
'Let's play doctor babe, we'll operate today'Let it Enfold You
I'm giving up all the expectations that I will live a meaningful lifeLife is Not a Waiting room
'I don't need her i'm not that desperate'Life is Not a Waiting room
'I stole your perfume to spray in my room, you will always be here'Still Searching
'Mother i'm so sorry, i can't go on like this'The Fire
I'll lock myself alone in a room, drink until the clock strikes noon....Let it Enfold You
'In a swirling masquerade of sound my body hits the ground'Let It Enfold You
'So I guess this is where i lie, where the days are endless...'From the Depths of Dreams
'Falling down as windows pass i start to cry'Still Searching
'We're killing ourselves slowly and we're out to sea with cloudy skies'Still Searching
'And now i know, and we, we'll see'From the Depths of Dreams
'I hit the floor so hard, 'cause i've been getting all my therapy at the bar'The Fire
'You and me like one heartbeat'From the Depths of Dreams
'I take a final breath, breathe it in my lungs...'The Fire
'The sidewalks are torn up, and the memories are gray'Still Searching
'We open the sky and we hope you see light...'Life is Not a Waiting room
'You know you can't stay neutral on a moving train'Let it Enfold You (Bonus Edition)

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