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Lanky 'Whose Line...' Comedian
Famous Chicago Expressway
Sensitive 'Notebook' Heartthrob
Alt-country artist often confused with his Canadian Singer-Songwriter Counterpart
Phillies Slugger/'Offce' Temp
Star NHL Goalie, 2010 Olympic Stand-out
Romantic 1970 Film set in Ireland
Sexy Borg
Irish Discount Airline
Wisconsin Rep known for his Budget Plan
Gripping Film which Depicts the D-Day Landing
Seven No-Hitters
Alluring 'EastEnders' & 'Bionic Woman' Actress
Insufferable TV Presenter
Brewers Outfielder, 2007 Rookie of the Year
Xena's Birth Name
Recurring Clancey Protagnoist
Action-packed Sinatra War Romp
'True Blood' Lothario
Van Wilder, Ex Mr. Johansson
Much-hyped Falcons QB
Outspoken Jets Coach
Cruel Intentions, Crash
'Love Story' Lover
Boisterous Irish Broadcaster
Acclaimed Manchester United, Welsh Footballer
Harry's Sally
Former IL Gov, Put Moratorium on Executions
Only NASCAR Driver with a College Degree, '08 Daytona Winner
Soap Opera about a large Irish-American Family
Main Character on 'Oz'

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