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Romantic 1970 Film set in Ireland
Sexy Borg
Gripping Film which Depicts the D-Day Landing
Irish Discount Airline
'True Blood' Lothario
Cruel Intentions, Crash
Star NHL Goalie, 2010 Olympic Stand-out
Famous Chicago Expressway
Much-hyped Falcons QB
Van Wilder, Ex Mr. Johansson
Lanky 'Whose Line...' Comedian
Phillies Slugger/'Offce' Temp
Boisterous Irish Broadcaster
Insufferable TV Presenter
Soap Opera about a large Irish-American Family
Action-packed Sinatra War Romp
'Love Story' Lover
Former IL Gov, Put Moratorium on Executions
Sensitive 'Notebook' Heartthrob
Xena's Birth Name
Outspoken Jets Coach
Acclaimed Manchester United, Welsh Footballer
Alluring 'EastEnders' & 'Bionic Woman' Actress
Only NASCAR Driver with a College Degree, '08 Daytona Winner
Wisconsin Rep known for his Budget Plan
Recurring Clancey Protagnoist
Brewers Outfielder, 2007 Rookie of the Year
Alt-country artist often confused with his Canadian Singer-Songwriter Counterpart
Main Character on 'Oz'
Seven No-Hitters
Harry's Sally

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