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Can you name the 195 countries of the world by their national anthems?

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National AnthemCountry
Where Is My Home?
Our Land.
National Anthem Of South Africa.
Stand And Sing Of Zambia, Proud And Free.
Our Palau.
National Anthem Of Chile.
Till The End Of The World, Burma!
Let Us Tread The Path.
The Song of Brabant.
Great Indonesia!
Yes, We Love This Country.
The Maltese Hymn.
Monegasque Anthem.
The Royal March.
God Save Our Solomon Islands.
Oh God Of All Creation.
National Anthem Of The Republic.
Hail To Thee, Nicaragua!
Hymn Of The Sharif.
The Soldier's Song.
My Kazakhstan.
We Salute, Our Homeland!
One Single Night.
Our Language.
Independent, Neutral, Turkmenistan State Anthem.
National Anthem Of Mongolia.
THe Concord.
The Song Of The Italians
Hymn To Liberty.
Thou Ancient, Thou Free.
National Anthem of Costa Rica.
The National Song.
The March Of Independence.
Hymn To Liberty.
A Toast.
Our Burundi.
The Great Charlemagne.
The Royal Kingdom.
Lesotho, The Land Of Our Fathers.
The National Anthem Of Guatemala.
God Bless Malawi.
God Save New Zealand.
Forward, Angola!
Hymn To The Flag.
Dabrowski's Mazurka.
The Anthem Of Bayamo.
The Song of Marseille.
National Anthem Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan.
Awaken Thee, Romanian.
The Kuwaiti National Anthem.
O Arise All You Sons!
Mexican National Anthem.
My Country, My Country, My Country.
Beautiful Rwanda.
The Patriotic Song.
The National Anthem Of Mauritania.
We, We, We!
We, The Belarusians.
Guardians Of The Homeland.
National Anthem Of Honduras.
The National Anthem of El Salvador.
Paraguayans, The Republic, Or Death!
O Land Of Beauty.
Namibia, Land Of The Brave.
National AnthemCountry
Hundreds Of Flowers.
Arise Congolese!
Join Together All Seychellois.
The Song Of Freedom.
All Hail, Liberia, Hail!
Dear Land Of Guyana, The Land Of Rivers And Plains.
The Nigerians.
Defenders Of The Homeland.
In Time Of Plenty, And In Time Of Need.
My Homeland.
The Congolese.
My Country.
State Hymn Of The Russian Federation.
For The Gambia, Our Homeland!
Land Of The Free
Hail To Thee, Land Of Our Forefathers.
Total Independence.
Oh! Our Beloved Fatherland!
Lighting Over The Tatras.
National Anthem Of The Republic Of China.
Our Fatherland.
O Canada!
My Golden Bengal.
Onward Singapore!
National Anthem Of The Republic Of Colombia.
God Bless Africa.
Hail, Grenada!
The Banner Of Freedom.
Dear Motherland.
The William.
Arise, O Compatriots, Nigeria's Call Obey!
The Thunder Dragon Kingdom.
The Song Of Germany.
Milli Surood. (The National Anthem).
Argentine National Hymn.
Army March.
God Bless Fiji.
Somalia, Wake Up!
The March Of Azerbaijan.
The Heart Of The People.
Song Of The King And Of The Tonga Islands.
National Anthem Of Oman.
Isle Of Beauty, Isle Of Splendour!
Uruguayan National Anthem.
Thai National Song.
Up Above The Young Rhine.
We Are All For Our Nation, For Our Flag, And Glory.
Blessed Be The Land Of Zimbabwe.
The Rebirth.
The Hope.
National Salute.
The Chosen Land.
Pontifical Anthem And March.
The National Anthem Of Laos.
United Republic.
Long Live My Homeland.
Land Of The Mountains, Land By The River.
The National Anthem Of The Republic Of Bolivia.
Our Beautiful Homeland.
God Is Greatest.
The Star-Spangled Banner.
National AnthemCountry
Sons And Daughters Of Saint Lucia.
Swiss Psalm.
The Portuguese Song.
Allah Bless The Sultan.
Pakistani National Anthem.
God Of Justice.
The Royal Salute.
God Be With Our Suriname.
The Union Of Great Islands.
Patriots Of Micronesia.
National Anthem Of Qatar.
Eritrea, Eritrea, Eritrea!
National Anthem Of Iran.
Stand Up, Kiribati!
The National Anthem Of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Tuvalu For The Almighty.
The Royal Anthem Of Jordan
Our Bahrain.
Mother Sri Lanka.
Lovely Homeland.
Brazilian National Anthem.
For Africa, And For You Mali!
Today Over Macedonia.
Saint Vincent Land So Beautiful!
Forever, Marshall Islands!
March Forward, Dear Mother Ethiopia!
O! Bright Dawn Of May!
People Of Chad.
O! Uganda, Land Of Beauty!
Strum Your Koras, Strike The Belafons.
We Are The Army Of God And Of Our Land.
God Bless Latvia!
God Bless Our Homeland, Ghana.
The Dawn Of A New Day.
The Patriotic Song.
Tajik National Anthem.
The National Anthem.
Glory To The Brave People.
Song Of Dessalines.
We Pledge.
High We Exalt Thee, Realm Of The Free.
Song Of Abidjan.
This Is Our Beloved Country.
Forged From The Love Of Liberty.
March On, Bahamaland!
Fair Anitgua and Barbuda, We Salute Thee!
National Anthem Of Peru.
O Lord Our God Of The Swazi.
Blessed Be This Noble Land.
God Save the Queen (King).
Ukraine's Glory Has Not Perished!
My Fatherland, Happiness and Joy.
The March Of The Volunteers.
National Anthem Of The Kyrgyz Republic.
O Cameroon, The Cradle Of Our Forefathers.
Jamaica, The Land We Love.
Their Is A Lovely Country.
Song Of Nauru.
Hymn Of The Isthmus.
Our Homeland.
May Your Reign Last Forever!
Advance, Australia Fair.

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