Samurai Shodown Characters (2D)

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Can you name the Characters of the 2D Samurai Shodown Games?

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Samurai Shodown
Kodachi, Pet Hawk 
Iaido Sword 
Large Sword, Pillar, Iron Ball 
Ninjato Blade, Pet Dog 
Kusarigama (Chain-Sickle) 
Ninjato, Shuriken, Bombs 
Twin Katana 
Metal Claw 
Mallet, Bombs 
Magical Orb 
Samurai Shodown II
Boomerang, Pet Monkey 
Metal Gauntlet 
Shakujo Staff, Magical Cards 
Flags, Parody Techniques 
Tamagushi Offering, Demon, Nails 
Samurai Shodown III
Umbrella, Sword 
Kodachi, Pet Ice Spirit 
Buddhist Rosary 
Giant Shuriken and Chain 
Zanbato (Large Sword) 
Samurai Shodown IV
Ninjato, Pyrokinesis 
Ninjato, Hydrokinesis 
Samurai Shodown V
Iaido Sword, Transformation 
Wooden Mallet, Revolver, Bombs 
Bloodied Katana 
Kodachi, Pet Wolf 
Fistcuffs, Pyrokinesis 
Fistcuffs, Hydrokinesis 
Seven Katana 
Dadao (Chinese Great Sword) 
Bow and Arrows 
N/A [Pet Dog] 
Jumonji Yari (Trident Spear) 
Samurai Shodown VI
Rifle with Bayonet 
Twin Butterfly Swords 
Fireworks Cannon 
Puppet, Iron Rings 
Kodachi, Pet Hawk 
Buddhist Rosary 
N/A [Pet Shisa Demon] 
N/A [Pet Hawk & Wolf] 
N/A [Pet Monkey] 
Jumonji Yari (Trident Spear) 

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