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Fun FactPower Rangers Season
Every single episode in this Power Rangers season had a one-word title.
This was the first season to have a purple ranger.
This season had there be a pink ranger and a green ranger on the same team for the first time in 5 years.
Technically, this season had two red rangers and two blue rangers.
Disney's last season besides the Mighty Morphin' re-version.
This season had a ranger who was a child.
The first Power Rangers season not to have six rangers at the by the last episode was this one.
The first 26 episodes of this season were aired on Fox Kids and the remaining 14 were aired on various Disney-owned channels.
Fun FactPower Rangers Season
This season was the first one not to have any of the rangers leave the show (with or without coming back).
More main characters died in these season than any other.
The rangers did not wear clothes that were the same color as their ranger suits.
The pink ranger was the leader of the ranger team in this season instead of the red ranger.
The famous Power Rangers villain Rita Repulsa returns as a good guy in this season.
Only one ranger didn't change color or get replaced with someone new.
In this season, all the rangers were in their 20s instead of their late teens.
This Power Rangers season has a longer title than any other.

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