Starcraft 2 Unit Abilities

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MarineBoosts movement and attack speed
MarauderSlows targets for short periods of time
ReaperAllows Reapers to jump down cliffs
GhostLaunches a special rocket/missile that brings utter destruction
Siege TankTransforms the tank into a mobile assault platform
VikingTransforms the fighter into a mech
MedivacRegenerates friendly unit's health
RavenDestroys incoming Projectiles
BattlecruiserFires a deadly attack that can kill just about anything in one shot
ZealotMakes the Zealot rush at an enemy
StalkerTeleports the stalker to a nearby location
Sentryreduces incoming damage by 2
High Templar/Dark Templarsacrifices two templar to create another, powerful unit
ImmortalReduces any damage above 10 to 10
ColossusAllows the Colossus to walk up and down cliffs
PhoenixSuspends a ground unit in the air
MothershipTeleports all friendly units in the target area to the mothership
Queenspawns 4 cocoons
OverseerSpawns a single infested human unit
BanelingCauses the Baneling to detonate immediately.
RoachAllows Roaches that are burrowed to regenerate rapidly
InfestorIncreases the targeted unit's damage by 25% and makes them immune to stun or slow effects
CorruptorDamage taken by the target enemy nit is increased by 20%
Brood lordCreates Broodlings while the Brood lord hits a target
ChangelingTransforms Changeling into a nearby Zergling, Zealot, or Marine

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