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Can you name the states who have at least one border made of a body of water?

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Forced Order
Bodies of WaterState
Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, St. Marys River
Pacific Ocean
Lake Erie, Delaware River
Mississippi River
Colorado River
Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Maine
Lake Michigan, Mississippi River, Ohio River
Lake Erie, Ohio River
Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River, Hudson River
Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River, Delaware Bay
Missouri River, Lewis & Clark Lake
Atlantic Ocean, Onslow Bay
Lake Michigan, Ohio River, Wabash River
Lake Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie
Atlantic Ocean, Savanah River, Tugaloo River, Chattooga River
Missouri River, Lewis & Clark Lake, Bois de Sioux River
Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Mississippi River
Red River
Lake Champlain
Atlantic Ocean, Connecticut River, Gulf of Maine
Lake Superior, Mississippi River, St. Croix River
Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod Bay
Ohio River, Potomac River, Big Sandy River
Bodies of WaterState
Pacific Ocean, Columbia River, Puget Sound
Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River
Atlantic Ocean, Long Island Sound
Pacific Ocean, Columbia River, Snake River
Atlantic Ocean, Rhode Island Sound
Atlantic Ocean, Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay
Atlantic Ocean, Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay, Dismal Swamp
Mississippi River, Ohio River
Colorado River, Lake Tahoe
Rio Grande
Gulf of Mexico, Red River, Rio Grande
Gulf of Mexico, Chattahoochee River
Missouri River
Atlantic Ocean, Tugaloo River, Chattooga River, Chattohoochee River, St. Marys River
Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Hudson River, Lake Champlain
Pacific Ocean, Colorado River, Lake Tahoe
Mississippi River, St. Francis River, Red River
Red River of the North, Bois de Sioux River
Snake River
Mississippi River, Missouri River
Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Bering Sea
Mississippi River, Missouri River, St. Francis River
Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River

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